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Tasmanian Totalitarianism

Oh this is hilarious! Tasmania is trying to become a Totalitarian State by attempting to ban smoking for all born from the year 2000 onwards. Clearly there's not been much thought go into such a pathetic idea, after all it's a personal choice and not a decision that should be made by government.

Tassie a smoke-free trailblazer
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S-OFF for HTC Desire

For the HTC Desire to gain root (superuser) access there is a nice simple application from
unrevoked that is essentially a one click application to enable access to root (on your providers supplied ROM this is no permitted!)

Well there is now one additional mod you can do for your Desire, its called S-off… so what is it? What does it give to you if you choose to apply it. Well the "S" represents "Security" and the "-off" is telling you that it is activated. Also your initial carrier boot splash will be over written (can be changed)  this is another identifier that the flash was successful.

S-off is available from here

Please make sure to read all the information before attempting this mod…


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