Images in posts?

I've just noticed that most of the images that should be visible within posts appear as broken links!  All the images are on the server, there seems to be something wrong within WordPress, or mySQL.

At first I thought no problem, that's an easy fix…  No its not! as this will require me to edit every post and relink the files. Now having just on two and s half years of blog posts, that would be rather time consuming!

So for the moment, broken image links it is until I either find a semi/fully automated way of fixing the problem it's going to remain.  😐

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Just some thoughts…

Well as the last week & a half have been pretty hectic, I've not had much time to even look at my blog, little lone write something worth while. There has been lots happening with Clare, but I'm not going to discuss/talk about that in this post, only to day what I just said!

On my Android front, there has been two updates released for the custom ROM that I'm currently using (T-Mod) these have really only been minor fixes (ROM based off LeeDrOid) some of the fixes were for applications I've not even used!

On the 6th of October, Icinga unified release 1.2 was let loose at the OSMC in Nürnberg, so far the response has been very positive for both companies & users of Icinga! So a big thanks goes out to the Icinga Team for their hard work & dedication towards the open source community. Oh yes, the surprise release of a mobile Web UI at the OSMC was a show stopper! Loss of "ohh & ahh" I've yet to set it up on my Icinga service, but when I get the time I certainly will be.

On the amateur radio front there isn't much to mention either! But version 0.67 of the Alpha Code was released from Byon, this addressed some issues that crept into release 0.66 Again I've yet to update my two TinyTrak4 units to the latest firmware.

Now as I've not really had that much to say, here's an image of Maisie …


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Am I now Famous ?

So if you get mentioned on the Internet does that make you famous? Well if so then hey I'm now famous! 😀

See the full story at…

Icinga turns One! (what a year!)

Well today marks a special day in the development of the Icinga project, its first birthday! Now for me this all started out as a twitter post I happen to see and then investigated further. For me, I wasn't familiar with the structure of the Nagios project nor was I even aware/interested in any political issues that had been brewing, so from that stand point the Icinga project was ideal for me as it was a new direction on a well known monitoring solution. Again I must stress that until I heard of the Icinga fork I was aware of Nagois, but never really had a use for it with my small home set up…  This changed when I first downloaded the initial release of Icinga and well the rest is history (as they say!)

I became an official team member in October 2009 (during the OSMC in Nürnberg) to assist with marketing and publicity although in that latter few months I've been focussed on testing and QA.

So a very special thanks goes out to all members of the Icinga team for their dedication to ensure that this fork wasn't going to just be a one week wonder! and with translations for the new Web-UI being worked on by many, this ensures that Icinga will continue to grow and develop into another option for system administrators to consider…  😀

What's in a name?

I've been part of the Icinga team now since October 2009. The Icinga project is a fork from the well known network monitoring suite Nagios. Now I have to admit that I'm not up with all the politics of the reason for the fork and why there is so much dislike for the Icinga project (mainly by Nagios developers that are loyal to Ethan?) but the name Nagios & Nagios Enterprises are causing a divide within the Nagios community too.

So what's in a name?

Nagios Enterprises is a new "commercial" venture from the Nagios project. So for developers that had contributed many hours of time to assist with coding their work is now being sold without any renumeration. This has clearly got many off side within the Nagios community.

So regardless, the fork that has become Icinga, should be allowed to grow and develop further. This is what drives FOSS, the ability to adapt/alter code to suite. You only have to do a search and you will find many discussions around this (both positive and negative)

Where's the problem in that?

A commercial interest will never work within a FOSS community, it's a conflict that will only result in failure…