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StatusNet Instance Retirement

On January 1st 2012 I started to host my own StatusNet Instance. However recently I've found that I haven't been using it and now that (uses StatusNet) has been abandoned and no longer accepting new subscriptions. So I felt best to retire my instance and revert to

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A New Trend (StatusNet)

Since around September last year when was updated to the much-anticipated 1.0 it has suffered from many outages causing some people to focus on either abandoning or hosting their own instance.  At first I wasn't overly bothered on hosting my instance, but some time back I did setup a test instance of Statusnet version 0.93 but decided at that it wasn't necessary for me to simply duplicate the service of (that I was using fairly regularly at that time)

In recent weeks I had decided to spend some more time again on, but most of the time when I went to post notices I was having some trouble with Mustard (Android client) but it simply turned out that was down! So I wanted to make sure that Mustard was ok with Statusnet 1.0 so the only way to test that for me was to simply setup a setup an instance and well that led me to keep it going once I'd finished the test!

Here's a copy of my config.php (sensitive data removed!) for reference on how my instance is configured…

if (!defined('STATUSNET') && !defined('LACONICA')) { exit(1); }
$config['site']['name'] = '';
$config['site']['server'] = '';
$config['site']['path'] = 'status';
$config['site']['fancy'] = true;
$config['db']['database'] = 'mysqli://xxxxx:xxxxx@localhost/xxxxx';
$config['db']['type'] = 'mysql';
$config['site']['profile'] = 'singleuser';
$config['singleuser']['nickname'] = 'vk7hse';
$config['site']['logfile'] = '/var/log/statusnet.log';
$config['site']['theme'] = 'neo-kafei';
$config['queue']['enabled'] = true;
$config['oldschool']['enabled'] = true;
$config['attachments']['supported'] = array('image/png', 'application/ogg');
$config['attachments']['supported'] = true;
$config['sms']['enabled'] = 'true';
$config['admin']['panels'][] = 'sms';
$config['discovery']['cors'] = true;
$config['attachments']['supported'] = array('image/png', 'application/ogg');
$config['attachments']['supported'] = true;
$config['attachments']['file_quota'] = 25000000;
$config['attachments']['user_quota'] = 1000000000;
$config['attachments']['monthly_quota'] = 350000000;
$config['attachments']['uploads'] = true;
$config['attachments']['path'] = "/file/";
$config['attachments']['dir'] = INSTALLDIR . '/file/';
$config['sphinx']['enabled'] = true;
$config['sphinx']['server'] = 'localhost';
$config['sphinx']['port'] = 3312;
// addPlugin('TwitterBridge');
// addPlugin('FacebookBridge');
// addPlugin('OStatus');
// addPlugin('Realtime');
// addPlugin('ClientSideShorten');
addPlugin('InfiniteScroll', array('on_next_only'=>false));
addPlugin('LogFilter', array('priority' => array(LOG_DEBUG => false)));
addPlugin('BitlyUrl', array('login' => 'xxxxx','apiKey' => 'xxxxx'));
addPlugin('Meteor', array('webserver' => '','webport' => '81','controlserver' => '','controlport' => '4671'));

Don't be alarmed by seeing the section commented out (hence the double //) I noticed that I had duplicate listings for plugins so I commented them out. I hope that seeing this configuration helps you out should you wish to setup your own Statusnet instance.

Credits to: @jpope, @parlementum, @ryanweal, @jonkulp & @sazius for helping me by sharing their config files with me, I owe you guys a BEER! 😉
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Self Hosted StatusNet (aka !feds)

Well although I'm not as active as I once was on  I've decided to set up my StatusNet instance (again!) on this server. OK you just saw that "again" in brackets what's with that? Well a while back I attempted to do a similar thing but failed due to my inadequateness to make sense of some of the basics to make your own instance talk to others via Oauth. Well after some help from a few peeps on the !feds group I now have all that sorted (rather easy really I just was not making sense of the docs AGAIN!)

So at this stage this is purely for my own purposes, meaning that I've no likely intention to open it up for user registration (aka

Ok now you can bet that the recent amount of downtime that has experienced will have been fixed and all of this will have been for nothing! but maybe not because this time round I've learnt something!  🙂

Update: I've recently deleted my account on in preference to using my own setup!

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Updated broken links

I've just gone through my Blog posts and used Broken Link checker to test all the external/internal links from postings. There were a few that have disappeared of the face of the earth and some that just needed updating.

This did cause some traffic on as I forgot to temporary disable the plugin! (Oops AGAIN!) So that's all now finished and I had just over 280 links that I needed to review!:|

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WP plugin

Because I'm subscribed to multiple social networks like Twitter,, & I'm still on the hunt for a plugin that will allow me to update to all those services when I post a new blog. I was recently put onto YOURLs by Brooke (many thanks!) this works fine for Twitter but only allows one service to be updated, so I've been scouring through the WordPress plugins and I have stumbled upon WP This does allow multiple instances to be updated with basic authentication and OAuth. So this post is really another test to see if it updates all four services once I hit the "publish" button! this plugin also includes the option for URL shortening via seven different ones, so there is some scope for if you do not wish to use a particular service for what ever reason you may have.

And here is the Services options…

I suppose the only way to see if it works is to publish this post! 😉

NOTE: for the purpose of this post YOULs has been disabled.
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Just another test!

Because I've recently had issues with the WP-Twitter plugin, I've now got a work around with thanks to Brooke for the suggestion you using YOURLs to announce to the world via Twitter that yet again I'm making noise!

So now to address, the same plugin I was using for Twitter also had the ability to post to now this to appears to have stopped working at some point. So I've grabbed tools to see if this will get me by for the blog announcements … well only the result of this post will confir/deny if it works as stated it "should" (yes I'm highly sceptical about this!)

So again because this is another test post…  here is another image to make the visit semi worthwhile !!!