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  • Tasmanian Internet (or lack of)

    This started back on December 21st 2015 when it was reported there was a failure in the Basslink HVDC cable.  This links between Loy Yang Victoria to Georgetown Tasmania.  At first Hydro Tasmania believed the issue would be resolved within 60 days.  So all should be good… not to be, after delays in locating the cable, […]

  • IPv4 vs IPv6 Data Usage (unmetered content)

    It’s a known fact that if you use IPv6 on Internode then your unmetered content actually becomes metered due to a limit in their billing system (my assumption) Here’s an example of the last few days where I disabled IPv6 and then later re enabled it… The bulk of the unmetered content whilst only using […]

  • Phone Line Shenanigans

    All the trouble started around 10:45 on the 18th when a contractor working for the NBNCo managed to dig trough the phone cable about 200m down the road. So the obvious was immediate loss of DSL connection which also left me without a telephone. A quick call to my ISP (Internode) revealed that they had […]

  • SpeedTest Update…

    A while back I installed a dedicated line splitter/filter for the home phone line so that I have a dedicated extension for ADSL & one for voice, this has given me the benefit of getting a more steady ADSL signal and so I can take advantage of the profiles provided by my ISP. A test done using SpeedTest has […]

  • Internode have blown the competition away!

    Now seriously, does your ISP give you this much ??? Now that Internode have just released their new plans now is the time to question your ISP if are not getting a fair deal. See the full list of Internode T-shirt plans here Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Tweaking ADSL profiles on Internode

    Most ADSL customers may not have the ability to change the ADSL profile that their ISP allows but hey Internode do! they have a selection of profiles that are targeted for different situations. So I thought I’d have a play to see if there was any gain in this. Well I can say yes there […]

  • What makes a good ISP ?

    Ok another subjective topic I know! but that question comes up regularly, and for you what does make a good ISP (Internet Service Provider) OK let me start with a little history from my experience with ISP’s … The early days … I first got myself connected to the Internet back in 1997, yes this […]

  • SpeedTest your ISP

    Ok this is a little subjective, but hey here goes!  What speed do you get from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) well if you don’t know, then there is a small utility that can assist you in finding out… its called SpeedTest Here is an example of what my current speed is… The current speed […]

  • What You Get for $50 (AUD)

    Ok there is a lot of ISP’s around these days, they all want your money and promise you the world!  I put out the challenge for you to find a better deal than Internode So can you get a better deal like this from your current ISP?

  • Australia-first native ADSL IPv6 access trial

    sourced from http://www.internode.on.net/news/2009/11/157.php IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol that offers a vast number of new, longer IP addresses to overcome the upcoming exhaustion of new IP version 4 addresses, expected within the next two years. Internode has operated a native IPv6 backbone since the middle of 2008, with routers running in ‘dual stack’ […]