SpeedTest Update…

A while back I installed a dedicated line splitter/filter for the home phone line so that I have a dedicated extension for ADSL & one for voice, this has given me the benefit of getting a more steady ADSL signal and so I can take advantage of the profiles provided by my ISP. A test done using SpeedTest has […]

Internode have blown the competition away!

Now seriously, does your ISP give you this much ??? Now that Internode have just released their new plans now is the time to question your ISP if are not getting a fair deal. See the full list of Internode T-shirt plans here Posted from WordPress for Android

Tweaking ADSL profiles on Internode

Most ADSL customers may not have the ability to change the ADSL profile that their ISP allows but hey Internode do! they have a selection of profiles that are targeted for different situations. So I thought I'd have a play to see if there was any gain in this. Well I can say yes there […]

What makes a good ISP ?

Ok another subjective topic I know! but that question comes up regularly, and for you what does make a good ISP (Internet Service Provider) OK let me start with a little history from my experience with ISP's … The early days … I first got myself connected to the Internet back in 1997, yes this […]

Editorial: Gigabytes and gibberish ¹

THERE is little doubt digital data technology has revolutionised much in our lives. THERE is little doubt digital data technology has revolutionised everything from televisions, cameras and telephones to cars, computers and newspapers. The past 15 years have seen the technology creep into the fabric of life. We are now reliant on it in some […]

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