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501Dot Points of Shame!

This site appeared in my Facebook feed earlier today, it makes for some interesting reading…  I call it the 501 dot points of shame but the original title is “Achievements of the Abbott Government” But judge for yourself…

Achievements of the Abbott Government To Date


Politics Random Ramblings

The Financial Review on Tony Abbott

Governed by fools but it’s not funny

State Governments 500?

So this comes as no surprise, the government had always intended to lay off more public servants than what was “promised” during the election campaign. The tactic is very reminiscent of the Robin Grey’s administration of the early 80’s where negotiations fail so plan B is to bully the real plan A through.

There’s going to be industrial action for sure, if the premier & cabinet department come out without any loss. So if the government has the money to payout entitlements, surely the treasurer is lying about the state coffers.

State Government pulls pin on pay freeze, meaning 500 more public service jobs will go
Politics Random Ramblings

35 Seats is not the answer!

Greens renew push to increase size of State Parliament to 35 seats


INCREASING the number of seats in parliament is the most appropriate way to deliver a strong, majority government, says Greens MP Kim Booth.

Mr Booth renewed the party’s call to restore the parliament to 35 seats as debate about the future of the Labor- Green arrangement continued to rage yesterday.

“Most people want to see a return to the 35-seat House just to increase the diversity of opinion and intellectual capacity in the House,” he said.

“It’s not necessarily the only way to get a majority government, but it’s the only way to get a functioning parliament.” Asked whether the Greens would again enter a formal partnership with Labor after the next election, if the opportunity arose, Mr Booth was adamant no such deal had been made.

“It’s actually a misnomer,” he said.

“There was no formalised partnership.

I’ve not agreed to anything with Labor, nor has Tim Morris and neither has Paul O’Halloran.

“The only agreement was for Nick McKim and Cassy O’Connor to be ministers to enable their ministry.” Asked who would replace two Greens ministers if speculation the Premier would strip them of their portfolios proved to be accurate, Mr Booth said: “That’s a question only Lara Giddings can answer, but I’m not sure who she intends to bring in as ministers instead – Brenton Best or Graeme Sturges? I mean you’ve got to be joking.” Greens leader Nick McKim said Tasmanians were “bored” by debate about party deals.

“We believe that Tasmania is a better place when people work together and that’s what we remain committed to,” he said.

Liberal leader Will Hodgman again ruled out working with Greens.

“It leads to compromised government, it leads to decisions that have been made about political self-interest – that’s what’s happening with Labor and the Greens now,” he said.

Deputy Premier Bryan Green yesterday hosed down talk of a leadership challenge in the Labor Party.

Sourced from The Mercury

So if the Greens seriously believe that this is the answer then they need to look at the reason why the lower house numbers were reduced.

In 1998 it was reduced to five, resulting in the current 25 member parliament. The reduction has been criticised by minor parties, particularly the Greens, as an attempt to reduce their influence…  Source from Wikipedia

Tasmania simply can’t afford to increase parliament because it will only benefit the politician not the people!

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