501Dot Points of Shame!

This site appeared in my Facebook feed earlier today, it makes for some interesting reading…  I call it the 501 dot points of shame but the original title is "Achievements of the Abbott Government" But judge for yourself… Achievements of the Abbott Government To Date  

The Financial Review on Tony Abbott

Governed by fools but it's not funny

State Governments 500?

So this comes as no surprise, the government had always intended to lay off more public servants than what was "promised" during the election campaign. The tactic is very reminiscent of the Robin Grey's administration of the early 80's where negotiations fail so plan B is to bully the real plan A through. There's going […]

35 Seats is not the answer!

Greens renew push to increase size of State Parliament to 35 seats INCREASING the number of seats in parliament is the most appropriate way to deliver a strong, majority government, says Greens MP Kim Booth. Mr Booth renewed the party's call to restore the parliament to 35 seats as debate about the future of the […]

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