Gremlin in the Server!

Over the last few days I've noticed that my web server has been a little unreliable. As usual there's nothing obvious in the logs to recommend just what the cause might be. I've made some changes via ISPConfig and it's possible that I may have set up something wrong! as GoogleBot has complained that it can't reach the robots.txt file (this is in the root of the web server and is visible to me) So there's a gremlin hiding here somewhere!


This is also effecting my mail server, So the occasional mail is bouncing (inwards) I just hope that this isn't the beginning of a failing SQL table…

Site Update Randomness

Yesterday (30th November) I rebuilt this server due to a slight problem/mistake that I caused when attempting to install ISPConfig3 on a server that had already been configured with a working environment. Notice how I said 'working' because after completing the install of ISPConfig3 this is where things got rather complicated rather quickly! I've not had much experience with ISPConfig but I was keen to see how it works and to see if it would make setting up email & web services. Well after 2 actual rebuilds I believe that I've managed to achieve what I set out for.

After the 'First' install (ISPConfig) It totally broke the server! All Web address resulted in 500 errors! Postfix was complaining about SASL Authentication I knew that I was either going to spend a lot of time trying to sort out the mess or just cheat and start a fresh. So after about 10 seconds, I said to myself…  "SCREW THIS" let's just backup what I need and start fresh (something that is clearly stated for ISPConfig!)

Skip forward to mid morning, and things were going well until I enabled squeeze backports, then ran a system update thinking that gives me the advantage of updated software that's not included with Debian Stable. Oh boy what a "HUGE" mistake that was! My fresh install was now pretty much in the same condition as it was when I broke it!

So again, do I even attempt to work out just how things went so horribly wrong? Oh no screw that! Enter rebuild #2. So one would expect by now that I should have a slight better idea on what/whatnot to do! Yeah OK I'm learning! but in all fairness this server is all about learning. I'm not qualified in this field of work, for me it's just a hobby.

So there's going to be broken links until I restore some content (wiki, statusnet, forum) as I'll be working on that in the coming days… 🙂

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Oops WordPress 3.5alpha

I've uploaded to the latest nightly (as of writing) and it appears that page links are broken. Posts are fine so will have to await for tomorrow's build to see  if this is fixed, or I'll need to file a bug report (if not reported already)

So one doesn't use nightly builds unless you expect some breakage 🙂

Watch "Apple kills Star Trek" on YouTube

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Watch "Apple kills Star Trek" on YouTube

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