X100 Expansion Board

Recently I purchased this X100 expansion board for my Raspberry Pi, mainly for its HDMI to VGA output but the RS232 port was of interest assuming that it works as I expect it should! The kit includes the following items 1x USB male-male adapter, 1x HDMI-HDMI male-male adaptor and mounting hardware to secure the expansion […]

Gremlin in the Server!

Over the last few days I've noticed that my web server has been a little unreliable. As usual there's nothing obvious in the logs to recommend just what the cause might be. I've made some changes via ISPConfig and it's possible that I may have set up something wrong! as GoogleBot has complained that it […]

Oops WordPress 3.5alpha

I've uploaded to the latest nightly (as of writing) and it appears that page links are broken. Posts are fine so will have to await for tomorrow's build to see ┬áif this is fixed, or I'll need to file a bug report (if not reported already) So one doesn't use nightly builds unless you expect […]

Living on the bleeding edge

For some time now I've been using Arch Linux for my desktop pc. For those who have no idea what that is/means then go back to your coffee/tea and come back in 5 minutes! No seriously, Arch is just a distribution of Linux aimed at being minimalistic so you build your desktop to what you […]

Trial use of WPGplus

One of the frustrating things about Google+ is the lack of an API for developers to be able to write 3rd party plugins for either posting to or reading from Google+ It's been a while now since I last checked on WordPress.org to see if there's been any progress with a plugin for posting from […]

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