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Further javAPRSSrv ports update (I know again!)

After some consultation with the T2 Sysops I now have my javAPRS mirrored like that of a T2 server, but without T2 status! (I need a fixed IP to become one) So here is the list of amended ports… Available Ports Port Number Description 1314 Messaging Only Feed 8080 HTTP POST Submission Port 10142 VK2 […]

Available ports for javAPRS

Since changing from APRSD to JavAPRSServ the ports that one can connect to have also changed! The old ports have been removed, leaving now only 3 to connect to and 1 HTTP port 1314: Message-only Feed 10152: Full APRS-IS Feed (limited to within 300Km of my location) 14580: User-defined Filtered Feed 14501: HTTP status page […]

APRS 40m Gateway VK7HSE-4

After some extensive testing in Australia/New Zealand on 40m (7MHz) I have now setup a full-time 40m Gateway. The centre frequency for this is 7.034.300MHz (sideband irrelevant) so your TNC/Soundcard set-up will determine what you will need to set your radio frequency to. The set-up for the Gateway is as follows… Yaesu FT-847 transceiver (100w) […]

40m APRS Trials

Recently on the OZAPRS mailing list there was the suggestion of setting up an APRS network on 40m (7MHz) this has been used successfully in New Zealand for some time and I have in the past attempted to initiate similar but with no takers! So what have I seen on 40m thus far? here's a […]

TinyTrak4D as Sat-Gate for ISS

A few days ago I put my TinyTrak4D onto the ISS packet frequency of 145.825MHz.  Well was I surprised to see this morning some success !!!

TinyTrak4 wiki update

I've made some updates to the TinyTrak4 wiki. I've yet to complete this but I'll get back to it soon! I have to admit that it has taken a little longer to get sorted than I thought it was going to! As I use Linux these days I've been using Virtual Box to run Windows-XP […]

APRS on 20m (14MHz)

As most of the Amateur Radio community know there is HF APRS on the 30m band. Well there is a trial currently happening (again) on the 20m band. This was started up a few weeks ago by Ray VK2TV.  Now depending on what packet radio equipment you have (TNC) the frequency that you will need […]


UPDATE: the gallery plug in was removed so images are no longer available Here are some photos of my TinyTrak4D. As you can see the case size is rather large compared to it's contents! However, I'm planning on placing a small switch-mode power supply in there so that I then have the option to either […]

Packet Radio Station

UPDATE: the gallery plug in was removed so images are no longer available As my hobby is Amateur Radio, one of my main interest is Packet Radio. Now just what is Packet Radio ???  Packet Radio is as the title implies, that is that DATA is sent in packets (short bursts) over a radio.There are […]

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