Medium plugin

I'm new to medium, well actually I've only made one posting, that was only to check that I have cross posting from medium to WordPress disabled. Ok the purpose of this post is to make sure that it's enabled the other way! It appears that I didn't have it setup correctly but I think that's […]

Boring Statistics of 2013

The boring statistics of my blog for 2013! Now I've tried to embed the page into this post, but if it's not displaying correctly, it can be viewed here

Gremlin in the Server!

Over the last few days I've noticed that my web server has been a little unreliable. As usual there's nothing obvious in the logs to recommend just what the cause might be. I've made some changes via ISPConfig and it's possible that I may have set up something wrong! as GoogleBot has complained that it […]

Speed Cameras

TASMANIA Police has denied new speed cameras do not work effectively because of design defects. Reports today claimed the mobile laser speed camera's effectiveness was limited because it could not work properly through protective glass covers. But Inspector Mark Beech-Jones said the cameras were working fine and would work even better when upgraded. "They are […]

Two Week Lenses

Today I received my first pairs (yes I meant two!) of biweekly contact lenses. Since I started with contacts, I've been using the daily disposable type. This has meant that I have not had the routine of cleaning the lenses after each use. So this is where the fun begins! 🙂 The type of cleaning […]

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