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  • Bush Fire Season 2013

    Tasmanian bush fire season for 2013 has been one of the busiest that I’ve had the chance to assist with. The two fires that will be remembered are Inala road at Forcett and Dawson road at Lake Repulse. This was the first time (to my knowledge) that additional crews were sourced from interstate and New […]

  • Meadowbank Fire activates Cambridge IMT

    I got a phone call at around 17:45 to ask me what I had planned for the evening! I was just a little non committal at first, but after I phoned the contact from the IMT the picture was looking pretty grim so I put aside my reluctance and headed to Cambridge. This is the […]

  • Game Over!

    Well today the Cambridge IMT closed for business after all crews were cleard from the fireground and had returned home. The Wayatinah Fire has been contained for nearly a week and with some rain falling in the area overnight (and expected agian during the weekend) this should pretty much douse any remaining fire in the […]

  • An end in sight?

    Well I’ve yet to hear the official word, but I believe that the Cambridge IMT will wind up tomorrow evening. If this is to be the case, then this will end a fortnight of work as a volunteer radio operator! So as you can see from the image above, I was deep in concentration! (OK […]

  • Wayatinah Fires

    On January 31 a fire was reported in central Tasmania. This fire is is located in some rather inaccessible terrain and also has some logging coups that if they go up in flames will make controlling the fire all the more difficult. So why am I mentioning this? well, there is a group of enthusiastic […]