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WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Now depending on what device you access this blog will determine which theme you are going to be shown. For non mobile devices you will get the standard WordPress Twenty Eleven, this theme is nice and simple in it’s layout, I have been silly not to be using it a long time ago! Now I like dark themes, and in the past I’ve been using the raindrops theme (note that it was pretty much setup like twenty eleven is now!) and over the life of this blog I’ve used quite a few themes. I’ve got to say that the hard work that goes into creating a theme and to have someone use it must give the developer a buzz!

Anyway the other theme you will get from viewing from a mobile device (phones or tablets) you will get the WPtouch Pro mobile theme. Out of the mobile themes available for WordPress, I’m simply am in awe for the flexibility that WPtouch provides. I just don’t see anything else that comes close to WPtouch (no I’m not being payed to say any of this!)  Seriously, if you use WordPress, then you can get WPtouch for free! (there is a paid version available) I’m sure that you will get a much better response from your mobile users…

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Err… WordPress do we have a problem ???

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I was just checking my blog for any plug-in updates and I happened  to notice that the date for the last time checked was a little old!

I need to check on another PC just to see that its not something trivial as the date/time being reported from the browser.

Oh I do use the nightly builds of WordPress so its also possible that something went a stray during the the latest commit, but I’ll keep an eye to see if this remains and if so then raise the issue on the WordPress Development mailing list.

This is a screen shot from my Android phone, as you can see the date is still wrong…


Now using WPtouch Pro

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

As I was so impressed with the free version of WPtouch, I’ve now purchased the Pro version (CAD $29) there is much more you can do in this version (I’ve not experimented too much yet!)

The advantage with this plugin is that it allows mobile devices to view a faster less detailed theme saving on download bandwidth but at the same time users on non mobile browsers will see your blogs full theme.

Try it for yourself, this plugin (free version) is available from the WordPress extend plugins, just search for WPtouch and install.

For those that are observant, I have a link at the end of each blog post where you can purchase WPtouch Pro directly from this blog, now should you choose this option, I will get a small commission percentage of any sales that are processed via that link. I’m not expecting anyone to do this! but the option is there should you want to support both the developers of WPtouch Pro & my site costs. 😉

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Mobile theme now available

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Now that I use my Android HTC Desire for web browsing, I certainly appreciate sites that provide a mobile (cell phone) friendly option to make browsing on that given site more easier.

So taking that thought, I then set out to find a mobile solution for this blog. What I noticed was the wide use of wptouch that gives you the option to use a standard theme for non mobile browsers, but using a mobile friendly theme for mobile browsers. This is a WordPress plugin not a standalone theme, it’s also available as both a free version and a pro (paid) version.

I think it looks good and has many options for additional plugins and personal tailoring to play with. Should you want the free version for your WordPress blog, simply do a search for wptouch in your plugin panel.  😉

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WordPress 3.0 beta1

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Today WordPress has just released the new 3.0 beta1 … I’ve been running the nightly builds for some time and I have to say that this build is fast! previously in the 2.9x series the admin page used to be quite painful for me, to the point where I backed up my blog and did a fresh install to find that it didn’t alter anything!

So what’s changed?

  • New WordPress Theme [Twenty Ten Theme]
  • Custom Menus System
  • Improved User Interface
  • Custom Post Type functionality

Is change as good as a holiday ???

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I’ve always struggled to find a WordPress theme that I’m happy with, as I like to think that what I present in a way portrays something on my own personality! Over the last year I have been using several themes, but I seem to return to K2 at some point and then just making a few simple mods. So lets see how long I stay with this arrangement!…

Oh and the picture across the top of the blog, is from the pinnacle of Mt Wellington. You can see the city of Hobart below…

New Look… New Theme…

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Well I’ve had yet another theme change! I’m wanting to design my own but I rally don’t understand PHP so it will be a while off before I even attempt this! Although there are plenty of free WordPress themes about, I’m still searching for one that really fits me (or at least my perception of me!)
So tell me what you think of this current theme, I like the sunset picture! it feels relaxing, so for now its the winner! I was experimenting with some Ubuntu themes, but they really didn’t look that good! (hence my reason to want to design my own!)

A change !!! or just trying a new theme…

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I’ve decided to give this theme a try, as it blends better with my home page! Although I normally use a 3 column theme (this is only 2) I’m reduced in the clutter I like to have! so for now it’s simple and shouldn’t take long to load!

WordPress Themes by Sam

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Do you like the theme that my blog is using? If so, do you know where to get it so you can use it for your blog? If the answer to the above two questions is YES/NO then please read on…

The theme I’m using for my blog has been made available by Sam. OK so who is Sam I hear you ask! Well I can’t answer that directly as we have only met via the Internet! (but I’m sure he’s a great bloke!) Anyway Sam has made some WordPress themes that you can use with your own blog (yes they are free!) So if your interested then please go and visit his web page at…

Or you can also follow the link at the bottom of my blog!  Great work Sam! 😀