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Some New Additions…

Ok so the content on this blog doesn’t change that often! so I’ve  decided to add some interactive pages that provide real-time data. Notice now that there are two new pages APRS Live Map & Weather list at the top & down the right hand side. I’ve also added a small weather widget as well, this take a live feed from my La Crosse WS-2310. During the winter months the temperature sensor does get a little direct sunlight, so readings between about 8am to 10am may be higher than what the real temperature is, but as this is only for personal use you should not base any decisions on the weather data provided from this, please refer to the BOM for such details.

Just a little more info on the WS-2310…

As I use Linux, the software that was provided with the WS-2310 is for MS Windows. I needed to find something that could talk to and get the data from the weather station, the solution, Open2300 this give more functionality that what the original software provided!

interval2300     cw2300     light2300

dump2300     log2300     fetch2300

minmax2300     mysql2300     wu2300

histlog2300     xml2300     open2300

I won’t go into detail about all of these, but the main two I use are … mysql2300 & wu2300 (with a slight mod) and a third utility that is provided from XASTIR called open2300db2APRS. MySQL2300 places the weather data into a mysql database and wu2300 uploads my weather data directly to weather underground while open2300db2APRS is an interpreter for mysql to XASTIR.

Random Ramblings

OSM now included in XASTIR 1.99 (cvs)

Over the last week or so there has been a major inclusion into the XASTIR project, OSM (Open Street Map) has now replaced the tiger series maps, thus now providing online mapping resources to a larger community.

Here is a screen shot from my install of XASTIR…  (click on image for a full size view!)

So as you can see I have a basic map of my local area thus negating the need to make my own custom maps! Here is the current selection for the OSM implementation…

A big thank you goes out to the people who have added this code to the project for including OSM into XASTIR now makes for a better FOSS partnership  😀