Tasmanian NBN rollout in doubt


Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull claims there has been little progress on the NBN rollout in Tasmania.

Before last month’s election, the Coalition promised to honour all existing NBN contracts in Tasmania if it won government.

Mr Turnbull told ABC Local Radio he could see little or no progress on the NBN rollout.

“All I can say is that the last figures we saw from NBN Co showed that less than 20,000 premises had been passed with fibre in Tasmania so that’s less than 10 per cent of the total rollout,” the minister said.

“So obviously competing it by 2015 looks pretty optimistic.

“I’m not suggesting that we would dishonour or breach any contract, but at the moment nothing is being done under the contract by the contractor.”

The body representing contractors on the project says the project has not stalled.

The Civil Contractors Federation’s Trevor Cook says he has seen Visionstream staff in the field but he can not comment on whether any contracts have been breached.

“I’m not a lawyer, I don’t have a contract in front of me, I’ve got no idea what their contract is,” he said.

“I myself have personally seen the contractor out there toiling away…remediating Telstra asbestos pits, scoping.”

Visionstream has declined to comment.

The Minister says a strategic review of the NBN will address whether the Tasmanian-based NBN board is still required.

The review is expected to be finalised by early December.

Sourced from ABC News

So as one expected, this Liberal government will sit idly by and allow this NBN rollout fail. Should this happen, many Tasmanian’s will be left behind in the technology darkages.

Now it’s time to make that list of pre-election promises vs policies delivered

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