Tasmanian Politics & State Budget 2011

With the Tasmanian state budget being passed into the public arena this week there’s a lot of unhappy people as a result of spending cuts to essential services. The following links are sourced from http://www.budget.tas.gov.au/ (.pdf format)

So after some reading, I have calmed down from my initial reaction to the media reports of this budget. However this doesn’t mean that I agree with its content! I suppose its because I look at some items in the firing line from the perspective of one who has used services that will be directly affected. Also there is the opinion of many that everyone below government has to cut spending yet the politicians won’t be. My main concern is the cuts to health, the Royal Hobart Hospital is (and has been for many years) running on a budget that in its self has led to its run down condition (by previous governments) that comparing services available in Hobart to interstate hospitals simply make us look like a joke! Tasmanian Police are also in line to have jobs cut both as uniformed officers and public servants. Meanwhile state politicians continue to be driven in luxury chauffeur driven cars at tax payers expense. The Police “Cold Case” task force has been disbanded, this alone affects my family with an unsolved murder that will now, may not be resolved as a result. Meanwhile politicians will receive a 2% pay increase.

My major issue with government (all levels) is the total lack of accountability. Tasmania has had a rather turbulent political arena over the last few years with this started with the resignation of Jim Bacon. The Labor leadership was then handed to Paul Lennon, who in turn resigned in May 2008. Then David Bartlett became the next puppet politician/premier as a hung election in 2010 was decided by the Tasmanian Governor. David Bartlett in turn resigned in early 2011 to then hand over to Lara Giddings. Not to mention the cabinet reshuffles!

So the current situation has many ministers on the move it has left its self open to a total lack of accountability especially when large sums of money are involved. Sadly if we the public conducted ourselves in this manner then we would be in serious trouble!

There’s mush more I wanted to say here but after delaying for a few days I’ve realised that some of my thoughts were without substance.





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