Telstra APN settings in LeeDrOiD v2.1

Hmm.. now this has me scratching my head! because I have checked the information against Telstra’s website for their APN settings but I can’t be verified correctly 🙁 This only affects checking your personal account details using 3G as if accessed via any other means will not allow you to view your billing or data usage information as you get the following message…

Your phone has not identified itself correctly to Mobile Data Usage Meter. Turn off Wi-Fi if it is enabled. Otherwise, you may need to change the APN setting on your phone. Contact Telstra on 125 111 for assistance.

So this is a little weird, because in LeDrOiD v2.0c when I did an APN restore there was  one for prepaid customers and the other for those on plans. I’ve just attempted a restore and I get the ROM’s defaults, that for some reason won’t authenticate for checking your personal account information, however it works just fine for web browsing. So I tried deleting the ones provided by the ROM (Telstra.wap & Telstra.mms) and manually created the suggested setting from the images above, but still at this stage no joy 🙁

So it may be one of many things! Telstra have an issue with their account access, the APN information is wrong or I just haven’t factored in PEBKAC (“Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair”)

One response to “Telstra APN settings in LeeDrOiD v2.1”

  1. Ok I found that the default APN setting is set for the A8181 model but the version that is used here by Telstra is model A8183. There is a modified version of the LeeDrOiD ROM called T-Mod and this addresses some small issues that are specific to Telstra. Problem solved! 🙂

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