The Ususal Neglect!

This blog used to be a place for me to vent my point of veiw, share anything that I felt was worth sharing. However lately (past few years) this blog has just been sitting idle awaiting for me to do something, anything! but I’ve come to the conclusion that onece the ssl cert and domain expire I’m going to shut this blog down. It’s been running since January 1st 2009 so it’s been the longest project I’ve had going over the years. This all started when I was given an IBM eServer 220 that I installed Ubuntu server edition (i386) and started to experiment with lots of different things. I was running and email server, squid proxy and a full LAMP stack for hosting this blog. That’s right this blog all started when I was given the server! but a few years ago I transfered the blog over to Gandi so the hands on maintinance ceased and it was really from then I lost interest.

So unless I have any other reason within the next year or so this is now just an archive of my ramblings…




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