The Wrong Way (Bulk Email)

Many years ago (2002-2004) Clare & I helped out with Targa Tasmania. Now I forget what year it was when the Targa administration started to distribute their information via Email, but naturally I submitted an email address so that I could receive this information. Well both Clare & I no longer do the volunteer work for Targa however we still receive their (Octagon/Targa) emails. Normally when one arrives I just trash it as I’m no longer interested in knowing what is enclosed.

So Today I received an email, and just before I sent it to the bit bucket, I happened to notice that as this material is essentially a bulk email, I decided to see if an un-subscribe option was available. To my horror I soon found that this email is simply placing all the people that have been sent this message are all included within the CC field. So there’s 1091 email addresses exposed for all to see! So not only is there no way to un-subscribe from this, but it only takes a nasty email harvesting virus to infect one persons PC and all those 1091 email addresses become targets.

So I’ll be contacting Octagon tomorrow to advise them of the error of their ways, for both not having a means to opt out & the security risk that they are posing to all those valuable volunteers. It is essentially a breach of the Spam Act 2003 within Australia to do this kind of thing! So let’s see how I go…


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