Tier2 status approved, VK7HSE-JS now T2TAS

Today I received confirmation that my request to become part of the Tier2 APRS-IS network was successful. So what does this mean for fellow Amateur Radio operators that use the packet mode refereed to as APRS? Well not much really! only that I’m now part of the Oceania rotation network, so should you be using aunz.aprs2.net for your connection within the APRS client software then you may get forwarded to my server to obtain your APRS-IS data.

Please should there be any issues that you happen to notice please email mail me so I can rectify it ASAP!

1 thought on “Tier2 status approved, VK7HSE-JS now T2TAS”

  1. I was contacted by Geoff (VK2XJG) about my recent inclusion into the T2 network and he has provided me with the template for T2AUST & T2SYDNEY so that I could align with them so that all 3 AU servers are identical. I’ve implemented the changes, so now for end users there’s no difference should they be connected to either server. 😉

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