Time to review and rebuild

In my last blog, I reported that the Ubuntu-AU LoCo had sadly lost its Ubuntu-recognized LoCo Teams status. Well there has been much discussion both in the IRC channels (#ubuntu-au #ubuntu-au-chat) and the mailing list. SO to attempt to get the ball rolling, I decided to call an IRC meeting for Monday the 17th May 2010 at 21:00 EST / 11:00 UTC you can see (and add to) the agenda here

Some of the points I raise are to test the water (so to say) as some will disagree with my thoughts/ideas (that’s fine !) this is the purpose to this meeting! So if you truly care about the future of Ubuntu-AU then please make an effort to contribute. The objective of this meeting is not to make any decisions (on the night)  but to get ideas and topics for debate, so I suppose you could call it a “Brainstorming Exercise

See you there…  😀

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