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I was recently contacted by Byon (the developer of the TinyTrak) asking me if I was a user of APRSdroid. As I have an Android phone (HTC Desire A8183) I certainly do use APRSdroid! so I was asked to test out a serial bluetooth device for use with the TinyTrak4.

Here’s an image is of the TT4BT (the name as appears via Bluetooth) The unit draws power from the TinyTrak4 including voltage pass through so you can supply power for your GPS. For my testing I’m using the Byonics GPS2, the Bluetooth adapter is using the HC-05 module, I’m not going to cover the specifics of this module, but to say that Byon has set it for a serial speed of 19200 baud (factory default is 9600 baud) You won’t be needing to make any adjustments to this module!

The setup within APRSdroid is fairly straight forward, The only thing I altered was the channel number used from no entry (auto detect) to channel 1 although because of only having the one device this wasn’t essential. Included below is a rough pictorial guide on how to set up APRSdroid with Bluetooth.

The settings required for your TinyTrak4 (using firmware 0.67) is to simply set AMODE to KISS and ABAUD to 19200 baud. As you will be using APRSdroid to generate your position you’re not required to have a GPS connected to your TinyTrak4 (as APRSdroid is using your phones internal one!)

You can contact the author of APRSdroid via GitHub or on the IRC channel #aprsdroid on the FreeNode network.

Further details on the TinyTrak4 you can contact Byon on the following link

 I’ve purposely kept this brief as there are other resources that cover the specifics of these two devices from their respective developers, I didn’t see the need to recreate their content! 😉

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  1. For those who are visiting from Kevin Sanders’s site, please note this unit is a proof of concept and not the final product that will be available soon from Byon (byonics.com) 😉

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