TinyTrak4 (its been a while!)

Well it has been quite a while since I last spoke about the TinyTrak4 So I suppose I should really start with a summery of feature changes in the latest Alpha Code.

source: tt4_alpha_v0.60.zip / readme.txt

Changes in v0.60
Added 9600 baud decoding and DEC96 command
Added BANK, BNKMODE and COPY commands
Added DDIST command
Renamed DIGI123 to PATH123
Removed PPATH12
Added HEADERLN command
Added DMETRIC command

Changes in v0.59
Fixed Bug with message sending timers

Changes in v0.58
Fixed SSID bug on digipeater callsign insertion
Added digipeated packets to PKTOCOM
Fixed bug parsing L in MIC-E dest call
Added TRNKMODE command
Added PAVP command
Fixed ^T temp when >= 100
Improved supply voltage reading

Changes in v0.57
Fixed a bug that prevented entering commands over 15 chars in the config menu

Changes in v0.56
Prevented sending of KISS Data Frames
Changed DIGIID to do callsign insertion, rather than substitution
Removed digipeated and serial generated packets from PKTOCOM
Fixed GPS Database Errors caused by GPS Waypoint from positionless weather reports
Added parsing of messages through IGATES (third patry)
Added parsing of messages without IDs
Added basic configuring via keyboard & display – Use F5
Changed default CDLEVEL from 8 to 20
Added RPATHDISP command
Added LEDS command

Changes between v0.54 and v0.55
Added FRAWDISP – Force packets to be displayed raw instead of parsed
Added HRAWDISP – Disables display of unparsed packets
Added EXPORT – Displays settings in a format that can be re-loaded
Added WYPTXT – Sends Waypoints to TEXT ports in addition to GPS ports
Added PKTICOM – Enables sending decoded packets to the computer TEXT and KISS ports
Added PKTOCOM – Send generated packets back to the computer
Added $PGRMW support (for altitude)
Added Variables in the status text (temp & voltage) ^V ^T ^t ^1 .. ^7
Defaulted > before BTEXT
Defaulted TOSV to true
Fixed support for GPSs with 3 digits after decimal in position

Changes between v0.53 and v0.54
Properly fixed MIC-E decoding Hemishpere decoding bug

Changes between v0.52 and v0.53
Fixed decoding short KISS packets (15 bytes long)
Fixed Altitude, course, speed bug in Waypoint output
Added GPS timing support for GPSs with 5 sec updates
Fixed TOSV bug
Fixed MIC-E decoding Hemishpere decoding bug (MIC-E L code)
Gave more time to enter menu with 3 ESC
Added APRS Compressed mode encoding

Changes between v0.51 and v0.52
Added keyboard decoding, UI Modes, and Text Messaging
Added Weather mode for Peet stations
Added WPERIOD and WXPOS commands
Defaulted DUPETIME to 30 seconds
Improved Carrier Detect Code
Changed LCD code organization

Changes between v0.5 and v0.51
All interrupt code re-written to improve occasional hangs
RXAMP should be about 1/4 of the value in the previous verion

Changes between v0.4 and v0.5
Display Altitude properly when missing as —
Display weather data, and changed position display
Added TXTDISP command (to display incoming serial text)
Enabled Power LED after first LED sweep
Changed ABAUD and BBAUD to full numbers (not div100)
Fixed SFFDELAY typo
Fixed Statusrate option type bug
Fixed Altitude lost due to incoming packets bug
Added NODISP command (disable display for digital telemetry)
Improved High Res Telemetry Clamping
DESTCALL defaults to APTT4, and % restores that
Added PPATHING command (Proportional pathing)
Changed volts to be 10*volts in low res
Added DMSDISP option (display in DMS rather than DMm)
Added GWAYMODE command ($PKWDWPL & $PMGNWPL Magellean support)
Added MICETMV command and format
Changed MT-TT4 defaults
Added SSIDROUTE command
Added TSTATUS command
Renamed TSB to SBEN

Now as I haven’t posted a change log before some of its content is now obsolete/substituted for new commands or functionality. There has also been some confusion when loading the Alpha Code, and then connecting a GPS and expecting the TinyTrak4 to just work! well you do need to configure it first! and just recently Byon has released a simple UI to achieve this. I must add, the the TinyTrak4 has two serial inputs and the default settings for those are that…

Serial Port 1: Speed: 19200 Parity: none Bits: 8 Stopbits: 1

Serial Port 2: Speed: 4800 Parity: none Bits: 8 Stopbits: 1

You need to make a custom Y cable (or purchase one from Byon) to access the second serial port as the DB-9 is wired to a non-standard meaning that if you attempt to use off the self cables the second serial port is in assessable! So once you have the Y-cable sorted then you have access to both serial ports.

I’ve successfully got my TinyTrak4D monitoring the ISS for APRS packets, and each morning there is something different displayed on the LCD screen!

I’m also making slow progress on the re-build of the TinyTrak4 wiki

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