Twitter dumps basic authentication

Are you a user of Twitter? If so do you use a 3rd party application to post your tweets? You may have discovered that now that application no longer works! Why is that? (I hear you ask) Well Twitter have now disabled support for basic authentication, this means that any 3rd party application that simply used you username & password to pass your tweet will not work anymore. All applications will now need to use the OAuth way of validation, so until your favourite application is updated to use this method it will remain broken.

So why have Twitter decided to do this right now? Well it was proposed some time back but has been pushed back twice so now it is in effect. So what advantage does the new style of authentication give you? Well once setup your client will authenticate with a token, thus not passing your user/password so this will in effect be a more secure way and at the same time protecting your account from would-be hackers!

So its some short term pain for long term gain…

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