Twitter tools for WordPress (FAIL)

Due to recent changes to Twitter, I’ve not managed to get the plugin “Twitter tools for WordPress” working despite following the details on how to do so! My answer… BUGGER IT! so there will not be the blog notices being fed to both Twitter & as this plugin is simply broken IMHO and I’ve spent way too much time attempting to get it working as it “should”

I do however have syndication going to Plurk. This is only an new experiment and may be dropped at a later stage as well depending on popularity or lack thereof šŸ˜‰

I’ve recently setup a MySpace account and may look into syndicating to that…

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6 Responses to Twitter tools for WordPress (FAIL)

  1. BandonRandon says:

    I use YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter to acomplish the same thing. I tried Twitter Tools at one point but it was just overcomplicated for what I was trying to do. I also like that I can use YOURLS with my own install of YOURLS ( If you’re looking for a quick and dirty WordPress to Twitter solution I would say give it a go.

  2. Scott Evans says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly give that plugin a try šŸ™‚

  3. Scott Evans says:

    Will work on my own custom YOURLS install at a later point…

  4. BandonRandon says:

    I use both solutions. I use YOURLs with on some sites. Just don’t install YOURLS on this site i can see it now.. . which would be longer than many urls. lol.


    • Scott Evans says:

      That’s exactly what I found when last night I did just that and found that exact issue! So yes for now I’ll stick to a 3rd party šŸ˜‰

      But thanks again for the tip… as I’m using dyndns and that I don’t have a fixed IP limits me on creating multiple hosts on the one server without the need to invest in a better solution.

      • BandonRandon says:

        Nothing wrong with the 3rd party soulution. I just found the plugin was easier to use to just have content go to twitter than Twitter Tools. Domains only cost $10 you know šŸ˜›

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