Two Week Lenses

Today I received my first pairs (yes I meant two!) of biweekly contact lenses. Since I started with contacts, I’ve been using the daily disposable type. This has meant that I have not had the routine of cleaning the lenses after each use. So this is where the fun begins! 🙂

The type of cleaning option that has been selected for me is one that uses Hydrogen Peroxide to make sure that if any bugs decide to take up residence on the lenses that their life won’t be very pleasant! This may sound strange that you would use such a strong chemical that it alone can cause problems if misused, However in my circumstances the contacts are being used as a bandage as well as for corrective vision.

The amount of correction has changed frequently as the surface of my corneas has been healing, but it seems to have settled for the moment. With correction my eyesight is pretty much back to normal, but there’s still moments of a  slight haze but this is only apparent in bright light. It was horrible when it was (for a time) this was my normal vision.

More to follow…

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