Typical Neglect!

Well I’m not real good with keeping things updated on this blog these days, it’s one of those things that you can fully immerse yourself into or neglect it (I seem to do the latter) When I started this blog on January 1st 2009 it was more of a learning platform for me to gain a better understanding of how to configure everything from installing Linux, the initial installation was using Ubuntu server edition configured as a LAMP service (Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP)

I started to tinker with all this after I had a brief stay in hospital for a course of antibiotics (staphylococcus infection) and Clare had bought me a Linux Magazine that had a feature on WordPress. After reading the article over a few times (I was in hospital for a week) I thought to myself that I could setup something like this for myself. I had plenty of old computers suited for the task. So once I was home I set to task sorting the old hardware to build the best out of what was available. What I had was by no means great (I forget the exact specifications) but it worked.

My employer was in the process of replacing the main server along with several computers used through out and once this was completed the old IBM eServer 220 was offered to me as it was only going to e-waste for recycling. Naturally I took it thinking that this is just what I needed for running my own blog. I wasn’t happy with the PC I’d made up so this server would be ideal. Once I got the server home and disassembled it to get rid of years of dust bunny build up! I noticed that it was capable of supporting two CPU’s and there was a spare hard drive bay available.

So we skip forward to now, and what has changed? I no longer host the server here at home (saves $99 per quarter on electricity) the server is still sitting in the corner! But only gets powered up to source the configuration or similar. I don’t have to make sure that the host software is updated or worry if/when the hardware is going to fail. I miss that part, but it’s much cheaper outsourcing that side of things.

Anyway that’s where things are at…




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