Ubuntu-au Obsolete? or Needing a Revamp?

Is it still fair to say that Australia still has an “active” ubuntu team?

It seems that the proposed monthly meeting have failed, if a call for help goes out on #ubuntu-au it generally goes unanswered as the person doing the asking is in need of a quick answer and possibly leaves assuming no-one wants to help them.

Is ubuntu-au still a current valid loco team if it’s essentially inactive?

What I’m hoping to achieve here is constructive comments/criticism of the current state of ubuntu-au and hopefully get some activity happening again… (may just be banging my head against a brick wall!)

Now I have abandoned any future applications (already tried twice only to be rejected) to become an ubuntu member due to the narrow minded ways of the force! but I’m keen to make a go of making something of ubuntu-au.

Currently the ubuntu-au mailing list averages about 25-75 spam emails a day! and it’s rare to see a valid request (from mirrored sources of this list) also they are generally requests for help. I realise that not everyone is at their PC 24/7 or active on IRC but if I was asked as to the current involvement of ubuntu-au I’d be hard pressed to give an truthful answer to it meaning as currently it achieves very little (IMHO)

So please bring forth a plethora of suggestion/ideas & comments…

I am but one… as many we are a community… lets make it “happen”

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