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Ubuntu-au syndication removal

I’ve requested that this blog RSS feed be removed from the planet.ubuntu.org.au

I don’t see myself as having a positive and constructive input to be considered a true contributor for both ubuntu-au and ubuntu as a whole. So until this happens, you may see some blog posts that have nothing to do with ubuntu as the feed that is used for my blog is the full feed and I have no way to stop unwanted noise going into the planet.

So for those of you that are keen and have great ideas for ubuntu, then keep holding onto that and do your best to achieve your dream…

UPDATE: The syndication has now been removed (as per my request)


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Andrew G
20 April 2010 at 16:27

Hi Scott,

Your ramblings are welcome at http://www.australianubuntuusers.com.

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Mailman and my mistake!

11 April 2010

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