Ubuntu is happy to call itself open source… (or is it?)

In recent news Mark Shuttleworth has just announced that the Ayatana project is to become a closed group and that membership will only be by invitation only. So is the following statement still true? “Ubuntu is happy to call itself open source” IMHO I’d say no! but I am merely one however, this does raise a question for me as to will I continue to use Ubuntu. The reason I chose Ubuntu over many other distributions on the merit that it both allowed the general community to contribute to its development and that most of the software it provided was FOSS.

I realise that some may see this (of me) to be rather petty to single out one item and to then make a statement to the effect that I would change the distribution as a result. But if one project becomes closed, then how many others may follow, stating that its the only way for them to continue. Certainly if it ever comes to this then I would see that Ubuntu would cease to exist. But to make certain projects closed and other freely open has to be counter productive in the long run. If there is something that the closed group really want to implement but knowing realise that the greater community is not going to agree on then they (closed group) need to have a good long re-think as to why.

I’ve been an Ubuntu user since 6.06 LTS Dapper, and I have to admit that there has been more (in the last 6 months) that I’m starting to dislike about the distribution and the way that the community contribution is being ignored in preference to a minority. I think its time that the development teams re-group and revise their values and consider the bigger picture, rather than ones individual ego!

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