Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope UNR (beta)

Have you ever just wanted to try something because your curiosity got the better of you?  Well it just happened to me! I was just browsing the latest news from ubuntu to discover that their “ubuntu netbook remix” had just been released for jaunty. In the past I was real keen to use the Alpha releases, beta & RC but when I started with intrepid I managed to break my puta! leaving me with a annoying situation of re-installing. So with that I’ve decided to hold off until releases become “stable releases” (mainly for my sanity!) Well I couldn’t resist the temptation with the UNR as I’ve been using Easy Peasy 1.0 since I purchased my Eee a month ago!  I have to admit I really like the new usplash & login theme (I tend to favour darker themes!)

So the install went well (only took about 45 minutes!) and then I was presented with the new working ubuntu netbook remix (jaunty) only to discover that the touchpad was very sluggish compared to Easy Peasy (intrepid) and tended to jump about the screen when you use the touchpad! so I made adjustments to the acceleration & sensitivity but this made no difference to the touchpad. So what to do? report it to the team on Launchpad!


The next thing that caught my attention was the application to switch from the standard “netbook” interface to the “classic” desktop! this works great… until you reboot or log out of the current session! So again time to do the right thing and report my finding!


Although I still have a functional install I’m now deciding whether to roll back to EP 1.0 or wait it out for some of the issues to be fine tuned! (maybe I should have waited!)

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