Ubuntu Jaunty Jakalope

Well as we await the official release of Jaunty, here’s a few things that I have found whilst using jaunty on my Netbook 701SD…

All the hardware works! but there was some trouble with the desktop switcher but that has now been resolved, the touch pad is still a little sluggish when compared to intrepid and has the tendency to skip about the screen so it’s possibly best to disable the double tap to avoid unnecessary exaction of programs!

The boot time is good, although I haven’t timed it to a second! from a cold boot to up and running, it all happens within approximately 30 seconds. There is still some crackle on the sound, I’m guessing there is still some pulse issues there but I’ve only really noticed it whilst using pidgin.

I’ve tended to use the classic desktop as there was an issue with tiling this was patched in the kernel (#40) but was reversed due to causing instability on other processes 🙁 so the netbook desktop for the 701 is basically not usable due to that bug.

So overall it’s not too bad! but there is still room for improvement and the only way to make this happen is to file bug reports through launchpad! Another thing to note is that the minimum specification for Januty UNR  processor is the Atom 1.6GHz so maybe the Celeron 900MHz that is used in the 701 series is just a little under powered for the job? Well I think that it works just fine! but that is for you to decide…

I’ll  be upgrading my server as soon as Jaunty is available as I’m keen to try the “cloud” (I hope that my server has the horsepower to run it!) as I am keen to try some virtual applications for testing purposes. So congrats to all those people who have been involved in this new release and now to look forward to future developments in Ubuntu!  🙂

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  1. Ive just installed a patched kernel that has since restored the performance of the netbook desktop back to a usable state! I believe that this will be available for the official release! if not it should certainly be in the first round of updates.

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