Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha3

Well I’ve previously posted about some issues I was having with Lucid whilst still in the Alpha2 stage of development, well now that Alpha3 has been pushed out there has been a number of updates come through.  For a little over a week I’ve been having an issue where the system will just freeze (hard lockup) I’ve still not quite pinpointed what is the cause or the events that lead to the system going AWAL on me!

The one thing I have noticed though that has me wondering what is so different between installs, I have two servers the first one is my Web/E-mail/DCHP/DNS this was setup originally with Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) back in late 2008, since that time it has been updated with using the do-release-update to bing it up to current versions as they have been released. When this server is rebooted after POST has completed and Plymouth is doing its thing I’m getting a three tone bar along the bottom of the scree that is dark blue/light blue/white and these continue until the white covers the blue. At this point you still need to ALT+TAB+F2 (tty2) to get a login prompt (bug #506297) but the text on the screen is a bright with colour, not the usual grey! it’s not until about 2-3 minutes later the text will change to the grey and all services become available. This behavior is most strange and again I’ve yet to find a reason to it.

On the second server, this was installed from Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) and this only seems to suffer from bug #506297 that I can notice. However this server is only running a few services and is no where nearly as loaded as my main server!

So I just find that the display difference between these two most bizarre! I’ve been using Ubuntu now for a few years and this is the first time I seen anything quite like it. However until I can pinpoint the issue/s it makes it very difficult to submit any bug reports!

UPDATE: I’ve since discovered that there is a theme selection for Plymouth

plymouth-set-default-theme –help
Plymouth theme chooser
usage: plymouth-set-default-theme { –list | –reset | <theme-name> [ –rebuild-initrd ] | –help }

-h, –help             Show this help message
-l, –list             Show available themes
-r. –reset            Reset to default theme
-R, –rebuild-initrd   Rebuild initrd (necessary after changing theme)
<theme-name>           Name of new theme to use (see –list for available themes)

Also it appears that Plymouth must have a minimum specification for themes because one server that has an Intel 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE VGA chip and displays the themes without an issue. However, my main server has a S3 Inc. Savage 4 VGA and doesn’t display these themes. So I think my issue be solved as to why I don’t get the themes on one server as opposed to the other…  😐

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