Ubuntu & my ASUS Eee PC 701SD

I have been searching the big WWW for some good examples of Ubunu desktop set ups to see if some of these ideas can be applied to the Eee PC bearing in mind their smaller screen size. Netbooks in my opinion really only suffer from one thing… limited real estate on the desktop! especially the 701 series as they are locked at 800 x 480 (16:10) and as I have been using mine now for about 4 months, I’ve settled on just using the standard desktop install over the UNR (Ubuntu Nebook Remix) edition.

Eee PC 701SD
Eee PC 701SD

I’ve taken an interest in conky, to display some of the basic elements of the resource usage, Conky its self is nothing new! but it is extremely customisable to suite what you use it for. For example, the theme is the Ubuntu Dust with the Oxygen based Breath 0.43 icon set I’ve also used conky-colours to set the display the dust colours as well. I’ve only touched the surface with what conky is capable of, and in time I’m sure that I’ll get a little more sophisticated. But for now I’m happy with just this basic display.

Here’s where I got most of the information for using conky and where to get some of the sources to compile and use…





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