Ubuntu UNE (Alpha3)

I have recently downloaded the current Alpha3 ISO of UNE (formally UNR) and have installed it on a 4Gb SD card to test it out on my Eee PC 701SD. After spending a little while bringing it up to date (as of the time of writing) I chose to update it before attempting to to check out most of the functionality.

As you can see the desktop it set out the same as Karmic Koala. With the new theme schema I must say has given this release a more professional appearance! I was skeptical of the Plymouth adoption, but I must say that now seeing it, the transitions are a lot smoother with no noticeable flicker (at least on the netbook anyway!)

So far I haven’t noticed any regressions, but I really only use my netbook for web browsing (funny that’s what they are for right?) I have installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras & Skype beta. Skype works fine! there are no noticeable sound issues as like were present in both Jaunty UNR & Karmic UNR. The flash plugin provided in the ubuntu-restricted-extras package has no noticeable issues either as has pass versions. So so far so good!  😉

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