Ubutnu & Me

So what was it that made me decide to give up using M$ Windows and move to Ubuntu? Well the answer is quite simple, For one to develop beyond simply being a “point & click” person one needs to open (free) ones train of though, in that you have a program that you like, but there isn’t a feature that you want, so normally you would contact the software developer/vendor to request such a feature. Most likely your request goes unanswered due to not enough requests for this, so you end up with software that you like but doesn’t allow you to change or alter it in any way. This for me is a “Limit” that not need be! This is where using FOSS you have the ability to expand and improve beyond the original concept of point & click! So not only do you develop as a person, others benefit too from this as well. So for me Ubuntu is the OS of choice!


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