Upgrade to WordPress 2.8

Well the release of WordPress 2.8 has happened, and as I have been using the beta releases/nightly builds I’ve now updated my blog to 2.8 So what has changed? well to get the full run down you would be better to have a look here… WordPress Release Notes but the admin interface has had some significant work done, generally making it easier for you with less mouse clicks to achieve your goal! So that’s a nice change, instead of having to click “YES” for most changes etc… it now accepts your changes dynamically. Also another nice change is if you have certain settings for any widgets you use, when you change a theme, previously you had to redo them, now there is an area that you can drag them to and there settings are retained making it a lot easier to swap and change themes etc… So or me it’s a big “THUMBS UP” 😉

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