Wayatinah Fires

On January 31 a fire was reported in central Tasmania. This fire is is located in some rather inaccessible terrain and also has some logging coups that if they go up in flames will make controlling the fire all the more difficult. So why am I mentioning this? well, there is a group of enthusiastic amateur radio operators that have assisted with helping the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) by providing their time to operate with the Incident Management Team (IMT) as radio operators. This is a job that not only requires great attention to detail, but also the ability to ensure that the information from the fire ground (where the fire is burning) to the relevant person in the IMT.

So far this fire has been burning for 8 days and I’ve been assisting with radio operations for 7 of these days! and as such I just wanted to make you aware of some of the on-line resources that the TFS have.

For a listing of all current bush fires you can get a summery from www.fire.tas.gov.au this listing is updated frequently from information received from the units attending the fires etc.¬† There is also RSS feeds that you can subscribe to as well thus keeping the page requests to a minimum! for example… when the smoke from the Wayatinah fire drifted over Hobart the TFS website did suffer from a lot of requests for current information as to where the smoke was coming from!

There are also KML Google Map Feeds for use with Google Earth to get a birds eye view of the area affected!

The current information for the Wayatinah fire is available from here

The current map showing the fire size & burnt out area is available from here

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