WordPress version rollback

When I completed the server rebuild I decided at the same time to rollback from using the WordPress nightly svn build to the current stable release (3.2)

From what I can gather, there’s been a sql table rewire but it doesn’t seem to be affecting any of the content (must have only been a small tweak)  there was tables in the sql database that were from old plugin/add-ons that I’ve stopped using so I’ve dropped those and queries have sped up a little as a result.

I’ve recently added the WordPress SEO plugin to replace the outdated Google SEO plugin I’ve been using since day 1 of this blog. So as this has more functionality built in I’m hoping that once I get my head around some of the lingo it should pretty much be a set & forget plugin (I hope!)

So only time will tell if I’ve done things right 😉

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