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Because I’m subscribed to multiple social networks like Twitter, Identi.ca, Floss.pro & Stauts.net I’m still on the hunt for a plugin that will allow me to update to all those services when I post a new blog. I was recently put onto YOURLs by Brooke (many thanks!) this works fine for Twitter but only allows one service to be updated, so I’ve been scouring through the WordPress plugins and I have stumbled upon WP Status.net This does allow multiple instances to be updated with basic authentication and OAuth. So this post is really another test to see if it updates all four services once I hit the “publish” button! this plugin also includes the option for URL shortening via seven different ones, so there is some scope for if you do not wish to use a particular service for what ever reason you may have.

And here is the Services options…

I suppose the only way to see if it works is to publish this post! 😉

NOTE: for the purpose of this post YOULs has been disabled.

3 thoughts on “WP Status.net plugin”

  1. Great, that’s good to know if i ever want to post to many services at once. I’ve never heard of Floss.pro looks like it’s just one of the many sites running the status.net software. If you ever do go back to Twitter Tools a friend of mine wrote StatusNet http://www.openparenthesis.org/code) which lets you use Twitter Tools with StatusNet. I’ve never used it but it’s out their. I choose not to link my status.net account and twitter as i try to use status.net for open source and Twitter for everything else.

  2. Firstly your comment just made it before I ran a system update to Ubuntu Maverick Server! but yes I like the idea of having all the services in the one plugin, as I often will get myself tangled up somewhere with configuration and either forget to enable/disable something thus causing me many a headache to sort out just what I have done wrong! I’ve now de linked all services from twitter so that no more double postings should happen (I hope!) and now that each service is being updated individually I have no need to link them anyway. Now what would make this plugin even better would be 2 things…

    1. The ability to add custom URL shortening

    2. To actually enable OAuth for status.net instances (default is basic auth only)

    FYI YOURLs is staying as a disabled plugin for now should this one ever stop working 😉

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